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Tork - Prehistoric Punk
Ages: Everyone

Tork the prehistoric punk is out to rescue his father and get revenge for the destruction of his village; and so begins this somewhat unusual platformer. The unusual and fun part comes at the beginning with giant prehistoric dinosaurs that have to be eliminated or avoided. Tork has a mighty blow and three or four well placed punches can down a stegosaurus. When Tork get angry enough he can transform himself into one of three spirit animals: the yeti, even more powerful than Tork; the armadillo with a strange way of fighting - bouncing and rolling around; and the squirrel, a speedster who pummels enemies with his tail. The prehistoric worlds are the most fun - a desert world, an ice world, a jungle world, and a lava world. The intense color or the shivering cold of these worlds add to the platform's interest. Less so as Tork comes up to foggy, smoggy present day. The game is perfect for kids except that some of the bosses are too hard.

The game is an Xbox exclusive.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/05

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