Trainz - Railwayz  (PC) - Review

Trainz - Railwayz (PC)
Ages: Everyone

This is the game that train buffs wait for to get the new trains and new routes. It is the second railway sim that we have reviewed. This one includes the Harlem Line Edition and the Metropolis Edition, two very extensive real railroad lines. Just to make your mouth water, it contains, flexible cab, signaling system, headlight dimmer and flashing ditch-lights, train controlled sounds lights and boom gates, you can create you own weather and as always you have computerized in-cab display. You can view you train from above or inside the engineer's cabin. It comes with a 68 page manual and it's not bulked up by another language which is an indication of how seriously Merscom takes their product. There is a whole community playing Trainz.

You get two whole new virtualized worlds, as well as the entire Railroad Simulator 2006. It would be an incredible bargain at even double the price.

Fun Factor: Endless
Female Factor: Who say's girls can't be engineers.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/07

  • Trainz - Railwayz (PC)
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  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP W2K W98SE Me
  • To Order: Win $19.99