Treasure World  - Review

Treasure World
Ages: Everyone

Whoa - I wasn't prepared for this. I'm supposed to go outside with my DS to pick up blips from wi-fi hot spots to get treasures? Well, yes that's exactly it - a queer, unusual satisfying sort of game invented by creative people at Aspyr Media.

The game suffers from too much information, plus a poor description in the manual of all the icons used and too spare an in-game instruction. Here's my broad brush description. Players keep their DS on, it can be closed, and walk, bike or drive about as the DS picks up wi-fi hotspots and sounds a blip in recognition. The DS is only recognizing these spots, not signing on to them.

Each one of these encounters contains some sort of treasure - clothing, plants, statues, and each one has a sound associated with it. Next, place these objects on the touch screen which is covered with a dotted grid. Press the music icon and a tune will play, because the screen is sort of a musical scale ranging from high at the top and low at the bottom. Players can also decide to create a visually satisfying setting/scene and let the notes fall where they may.

That's the essence, but of course there is much more; a story about the Star Sweep who has run out of stardust fuel and needs you to help him; his robotic helper Wish Finder is customized by the player with clothes and an attitude; a confusing Star Group Chart to keep track of the 2,500 treasures you can find and a strong push to get you to sign onto to Club Treasure World to trade, chat and share secret locations.

Saves are done by sitting on a stump and are done automatically when switching from searching to playing with your treasures. The title screen only offers "Start or keep playing", "Start over" which erases everything, and "Watch credits". Feels like they never want you to stop. It's all lots of fun. The manual warns you to avoid obstacles while walking. And you personally don't have to do the walking - lend your DS to various friends and see what they bring back.

Fun Factor: Unusual - Defies categorization. Fascinating
Female Factor: Not relevant
Player Friendly: Description is more complex that it need be.

Reviewed by: Gen Katz, Editor - 07/09

  • Treasure World
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  • Platform(s): GBDSDS
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