The Tudors - Review

The Tudors
Ages: Not Rated

Based on the popular HBO series, this treasure hunt game is held together with the story of Elena who, accompanying her father during his travels, is asked by King Henry to find evidence of plots against the throne. The story of intrigue, murder and revenge unfolds against lush period rooms. The graphics are paired with still photo cut-outs of the actors from the series as the conversations are ballooned, with a good variety of puzzles presented. The puzzles range from easy to moderately difficult with the option to skip on a majority of them and ample hints available on all. For fans of this time period or the series, the plot twists and royal politics are sure to please.

Personally, not having ever watched the series, I was surprised they didn't use any of the actor's voices or even substitutes. They also chose not to back the game action with the soundtrack or theme, which would have easily aided in contributing to the atmosphere. Without those to help break up the routine, despite the deep graphics, I found the hunt a bit tedious in spots. In particular, near the end Elena is hunting for a character who has strewn beads in his wake. This search for the villain requires three back to back point and click sections of beads hiding in different rooms, before the final confrontation between characters.

Fun Factor: For those who can't get enough of the series
Female Factor: Elena is a main character
Player Friendly: Players can skip some puzzles.

Reviewed by: Adison Garzon - 02/10

  • The Tudors
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