Twitches Too  - Review

Twitches Too
Ages: General Audiences

This is a movie about twin witches, separated at birth, who discover each other at 21 and use their powers to save Coventry from being destroyed by The Darkness. In the course of the adventure, they vie for boyfriends, travel dark and mysterious realms, cast spells, some work some need a little work, and follow a mysterious purple ghost to find - well you will have to see for yourself. There is lots of screaming, and hand holding. Eclipses are playing an important part in stories this year expect one here too.

It is surprisingly well done. Sets and acting good, story holds your attention and the twins one a little flighty and the other serious play off each other well. Parents, regular and regal ones are part of the scene and round out the story.

Fun Factor: Good show
Female Factor: Girls well balanced female characters.

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/08

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