unfabulous - Review

Ages: Everyone

This is obviously a game for those who are fans of the Nickelodeon show about the trials and tribulations of Addie in Rocky Road Middle School. This side scroller has all her friends and foes plus mom, dad, bro and Principal Brandywine. There are lots of talk balloons to answer and mini-games abound. In spite of it being a side scroller, there are plenty of environments Addie's house, school with lots of classrooms and a cafeteria, the Point, the Juice hangout, and the Mall. The mini-games could have been more complicated -- many involved music natch. In what I can assume, was an attempt to make the sprites as recognizable as possible, the designers gave them big heads on small bodies. The effect is to make them all look like bobble heads very disconcerting. The other idea that didn't play well was the flashing lights in the dream party scene. With the picture fading from dark to light. I checked my batteries thinking they were failing. Not the best opening to a game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

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