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URBZ -- Sims in the City
Ages: Everyone

OK -- as you may have surmised this is unlike the console versions -- this is a different game from the get-go. Electronic Arts made two different games -- different characters, different ways of traveling, a different town and different units of exchange. First -- you don't select your group -- you do a psychological test -- like Myers Briggs and your group and your power ups, Xizzles, are selected for you. The game has five missions with six goals that must be completed before the next level. Xizzle beads are the coin of the realm and can be earned or found. The main goal, as with the console versions, is to gain enough rep to impress all other Urbz and collect the rewards that go along with your rep.

The districts in Miniopolis are different from the console games -- Urbania, university, thrift shop and newspaper office; Sims Quarter, genteel Southern style; Glasstown, swanky, high-rises; Offshore, bayou country. You don't travel between the different districts with the subway. You start by running or walking, but as you accomplish missions you have a gravboard, a motorcycle and a boat at your disposal.

The characters are a different crew than in the console games, and seem a little easier to deal with. The game impresses in a big way. I am amazed by how much they get into that little GBA. You can link to other GBAs and engage competitive minigames. It is rumored that the Nintendo DS has extras. It's fun to play both console and GBA games -- a feeing that you should know the place, but everything is different.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

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