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Strategy Guide -- URBZ -- Sims in the City

You can not buy the Game Guide for URBZ -- Sims in the City and play the game for 30 hours or you can buy the guide and get months of play. In spite of the game's motives -- to build a rep, socialize and have fun, socializing is a complex interaction. The guide gives you the social profiles of the inhabitants so you know who to make up to and who to avoid. There are pictures of apartment furnishings and tips on how to become a social animal. Let me tell you, it can save a lot of frustration.

The guide provides all this information for both the console games and the GBA -- necessary because the games are so different. Prima could have almost made two guide books, but it is a bighearted way of handling things, since I suspect that many will buy both versions of the game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

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