Valkyrie Profile -- Lenneth  - Review

Valkyrie Profile -- Lenneth
Ages: Teen

My earliest memories of Valkyries was watching a very fat lady on stage belt out Wagnerian war hoops. She was her father's favorite but then she fell in love, which was her downfall.

Well, this story is not so different. The box art is striking -- depicting the magnificent soul seeking goddess, Lenneth. In the game she's a tiny sprite but she is still in service to Odin. The valkyrie's job was to transport fallen heroes to Valhalla to join Odin's armies. That's still the game, only this time, Lenneth, the Valkyrie has to not only find these warriors, but to upgrade their fighting and endurance skills, plus develop the kind of traits like loyalty that make for a hero.

Searching for recruits starts with spiritual concentration to find locations on the World Map. After that, the 2D map refines your search. The Camp menu is where the stats on your recruits are kept, along with weapons and plans for attacks. When your recruits are good enough you can send them up to Odin. But he only want first-class Einherjar. You won't finds an arsenal of rapid fire automatic weapons here -- Lenneth can shoot ice and wield a mighty sword -- but she is a Goddess.

This RPG is divided into chapters with time limits on each -- Odin doesn't like to be kept waiting. It's not as easy as, for example, Atelier Iris. Saves are hard to find. It is a complex game with a complex deeply moral story line. Although, I must admit, the introduction of sushi and miso soup jars you out of the solemnity of the Norse legend. Maybe this kind of story needs animated characters that graphically do it justice. The Valkyrie legend is a serious, moving, heroic saga that needs more that sprites to do it justice. The game will attract those who remember the original game on the Play Station -- and that will tell you how old it is. Many will be glad to have it back.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/06

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