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Virtual Families
Ages: Everyone

I love these little people living inside of my computer. I am amazed at the depth that some of these "casual" games have achieved - lots of play at a reasonable price.

The setting for Virtual Families is a fully furnished 2 bedroom house, with kitchen, home office, living room, bathroom, and laundry room; with garden and a separate workshop. The layout implies families - with bunk beds in the second bedroom and a sandbox outside. It is like the best doll-house you could ever imagine.

You begin by selecting a character to "adopt". I tried both male and female as starters - both work. In a while you get email with marriage proposals. My suggestion - pick 'em young and wanting children. Hopping one character upon another eventually makes for children - or if they are too old - kids for adoption. It is also possible to create non- traditional families - even single parents. As it goes on. kids grow up, leave the house - parents sometimes die but eventually leave the house to make room for returning children - and so it goes.

What I like so much is that they pretty much take care of themselves. You have to buy food for them, a clothing change, medicines, pets and furniture upgrades. Meanwhile they earn money, read email, put food into the refrigerator, cook, do laundry, clean-up, do minor fixes to the house, read, watch TV. It's not like the Sims games which require a large investment in time to keep them going. You move them by picking them up - they grunt. Sometimes they tap on your computer screen to attract your attention. There are hurdles along the way. You have a Praise and a Scold glove to use to try to modify behavior. I found mine to be somewhat independently minded.

I admit to being way past the doll-house age, but I do check on my little people a couple of times a day and before I leave my office.

Virtual Families is available for download from at a price of $19.95.

Fun Factor: You will get hooked.
Female Factor: A fair mix
Player Friendly: It's new, but there is a forum:

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/09

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