Wanted -- A Wild Western Adventure - Review

Wanted -- A Wild Western Adventure
Ages: Everyone

Take on the role of Fenimore Fillmore as you confront the wealthy, powerful and evil John Starek who has been threatening the local townspeople into selling him their land by whatever means necessary. In this wild and zany adventure, you'll meet over 30 crazy characters, collect over 80 useful inventory objects and encounter countless amusing Wild West situations. Ride the rails, fight bar-room brawls or choose to take it outside in a deadly gunfight. The choice is yours! One thing is for certain - you must help the townspeople fight to keep their land, and if you do, you'll be able to happily ride-off into the sunset with the girl of your dreams.

Posted by: Editor - 11/06

  • Wanted -- A Wild Western Adventure
  • © The Adventure Company
  • Platform(s): W98SE Me XP 2000
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