Winx Club :  Mission Enchantix  - Review

Winx Club : Mission Enchantix
Ages: Everyone

Serious stuff - an unknown but diabolical mage seeks revenge on a multitude of magical realms and by stealing their magic aims to become the most powerful mage of them all. Already having wracked destruction - it is up to the Winx faries to seek out and defeat him. The Winx Club is made-up of six fairy members - Bloom, Flora, Stella, Musa, Tecna and Layla. In this side scroller they travel to magic locations like the Island of Dragons and battle against mysterious forces and meet an ambiguous dark cloaked stranger. The story is interrupted by short side quests to help fellow fairies.

Each Winx is armed with her own special spell, super shot, a mana destructo-ray and a special Enchantrix spell which is available only after it has been earned. In between shooting and spelling you can go to the Magic Closet and change into clothes that you have earned and parade down a spseudo-ramp.

Players must beat all the tutorial levels before they can move on to chapter one, and 50 stars make up a level. There are six mini-games including: A rotation puzzle - remove dancers as they land, Match three flowers, Musical jam, and Maze navigation. Unlike most "story" games, you can play the arcade without going through story mode

The bottom screen is for keeping track of health and magic stats plus it shows the character in the level. The Top screen shows the character action - where you fight enemies and pick up magic and hearts. Movement and fighting is controlled by buttons. The music is up beat but will eventually get tiring. Nice graphic touches are fairy-fantasy and it is a pleasant change to fly instead of double jump. Plenty here to amuse and please the fairy-kinder.

Fun Factor: Lots variety keeps it interesting.
Female Factor: All girls
Player Friendly: Detailed manual but no reference to saves - so can we assume that it will be upon exiting the game?

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/09

  • Winx Club : Mission Enchantix
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  • Platform(s): GBDSDS
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