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Winx Club
Ages: Everyone

And what is the Winx Club? A club started by Bloom for girls with special fairy powers. The intro and music has the feel of anime and I wish it had continued in that mode. But hey, this is on a GBA and the screen characters are those standard childlike simple figures.

There is a lot of manipulating and managing magic in the game. A Magic Menu keeps track of Blooms powers. Her status depends upon the number of fireflies she has collected. A spell box keeps track of her spell attacks and in case you don't know what to do next, there a to do list and a done list. To top it all, there is a alert signal when things of importance are in the area. You get additional information from talking to other characters and reading pages found on pedestals.

There are plenty of hazards and enemies around and you will need the health resorting dragon flowers. When things get really tough, Bloom can call upon four of her friends with special powers; Flora accelerates plant growth; Musa uses music t charm creatures; Stella brings light and Tecna brings computers and machines.

Konami did this one and they put lots of time and effort into this GBA game. This is not your standard run, jump and hit side scroller. I hope that theWinx Club makes it onto the consoles.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/05

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