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Women's Volleyball
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It's hard to review sports games for sports one hasn't actually played - but I have played volleyball. After pressing many buttons - I was left with the burning desire to go out and play the game with the full body experience it actually affords. Strange to translate what the body automatically responds to into calculated button presses.

If however - you are otherwise inclined, this game gives you plenty opportunity for virtual volleyball. First off - the players are teams involved in winning international championship - these women are not bikini clad players frolicking on a sandy beach. There are teams from Japan, China, Russia, Italy, USA, Brazil, Taipei, Korea, Poland, Kenya, Cuba and the Netherlands. Faces and uniforms change with the different countries and the body motions of the players and the coaches feels authentic.

A season consists of International Cup, International Tournament and Playoff. Statistics are kept for the team, player - even a graphic diagram defining players skill in offence, footwork, jump, stamina. Once the team is selected, the game proceeds to serve, pass, set, and attack. For blocking and attacking you can use the L1 and R1 to control more of the team, the symbol buttons execute the move. It helps if you move your player to the "ball landing point" but even then, the team with the first serve seems to have the advantage. In one of the matches I played, USA lost to China. I hope that isn't a portent for the Olympics. If you want to spend the time, you can customize your own player by selecting specific training mods.

I would have liked a game that was more "fun" to play, but I am a big advocate for more games with women's teams. From what I have seen at soccer games with Stanford playing - there is a market.

Fun Factor: OK but it's more fun to actually play.
Female Factor: Teams look good and move well.
Player Friendly: Manual is good. In game tutorial is poor.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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