Worms - A Space Oddity - Review

Worms - A Space Oddity
Ages: Everyone 10+

Tho I have not played this game before, I can see why this game is a much remembered favorite. If you like explosions and crazy explosive devices - this is the game's raison d'etre. Ported to the Wii - the developers decided, naturally, to make use of the Wii controls, and it makes one wish for the good old days with its simpler times. Just because there are umpteen ways to move the Wii remote - doesn't mean you should have to. As a result the interface gets in your face and the user has to learn the gestures associated with each destructive device. Players shouldn't have to work so hard for fun.

But here you are with your Wii and a pocket full of worms - what to do? With all the explosive devices, you're sure to have favorites like Drop Ship or Robo Sheep. The last one just chugs along the landscape and eventually explodes. As the game progresses, wind factor will come into play, making aiming harder. The various explosive devices have different attributes and trajectories, and a wise player uses them all for best advantage. The game is turn based and the last one standing wins.

The graphics use of 2-D animated collages is clever, turning a static world into something quite fun. Contrarily, zero effort is expended on the worms - they are little pink blobs. The camera control is kludgy - even after you get the hang of it. There are 6 mini-games where you mostly pilot the space ship through various planets - but let's face it - it's the blowing up of your opponent that is at the heart of this game.

Fun Factor: Fun - yes, once you get past the interface.
Player Friendly: On screen instructions are confusing and the "instruction manual" doesn't instruct.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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