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Xenosaga Episode 2
Ages: Teen

We already knew that this was a game for dedicated RPG'ers and hard core gamers. So we picked out a most expert reviewer to play Xenosaga Episode 2 and sent along the Prima strategy guide (see Strategy Guides) for good measure. We were surprised at the response but here it is.

The game reminds me of Final Fantasy, but with a baroque combat system that requires way more time & energy than I'm willing to devote to it. It's turn-based (thankfully), but the whole thing hinges on combos that require a guide, a notepad, a good memory, or (in my case) all three together. The cut scenes are pretty. The story is utterly incomprehensible. I didn't get more than a couple hours into it before I gave up.

I know there's a huge market and a loyal following for games like this. I guess I'm just not part of the target audience. I don't understand the attraction of this much mechanical complexity.

Reviewed by: Finn Kisch - 07/05

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