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Xenosaga -- Episode II
Ages: Teen

I have in my hand, a strategy guide that is the most beautiful one that I have ever seen. It looks like an art book with its elegant slip case hard cover. The music from the game lodges inside the cover on a CD. This is Brady Games' limited edition of Xenosaga Episode II

The guide gives a full description, verbal and graphic, of the players -- their personality and their roles in combat. For anyone who is attempting this game for the first time it is a help to know that Chaos is skilled at healing plus being an competent fighter; that Jin Uzuki is the older brother of Kos Mos the blue haired fighter and drives her mad, and that Momo, the child-like Realian is the fastest of the lot. There are complete stats and experience points for the characters as they level up, attack techniques, and suggestions for what combat skills to add to each character.

The enemy is accorded equal attention with information on weak zones, points acquired after vanquishing, where they can be found and their defense and attack abilities. And then there is a walkthrough, puzzle solutions, maps and strategy for the Boss fights. Hey, maybe you should read the guide instead of playing the game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/05

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