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Zapper - One Wicked Cricket
Ages: Everyone

The action in Zapper is relatively simple. Arrow keys move directionally; four additional keys control jumping, hovering, zapping and the super jump. This makes for a short learning curve and easy entry into the game. But I noticed, after playing the consoles, that using the PC keyboard for action seems somewhat old fashioned and awkward. The action consists of hopping, jumping and zapping your way through 18 different levels while smashing magpie eggs and bumping into firefly power-ups. The rational/story that fuels this action is Zapper quest to free his brother from the thieving magpie and smashing eggs to prevent more magpies from hatching. The bright and colorful scenes keep interest high. The goal is simple, the action is clear, the levels varied and interesting - it makes for a fun game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/03

The point of this game is to rescue Zapper's little brother Zipper from evil Maggie the Magpie. Zipper disappears while the two brothers are having a fight over the TV. Zapper needs to explore his surroundings and find six magpie eggs from each level in order to save Zipper.

I really like this game for the computer. The first time we loaded it in, it kept locking up on us at the same spot, but my dad reloaded it and then I could continue playing. One of my favorite things to do in the game is to go around and zap things. I especially like to fry the slugs. It's a lot of fun. Zapper has electrifying antenna that you use to sizzle the outside of the slugs, then you see little skeletons, then zizzzz, they vanish.

When you play this interesting game you are the cricket Zapper. It is keyboard controlled, so it is easy to figure out and move around. Basically the arrow keys and the lower half of the keyboard, enter, shift, control, alt, escape etc. If you accidentally step on a bug they say "ow" or they shock Zapper back and he jumps back and says "ouch!"

The game re-play doesn't really change unless you as Zapper go in a different direction or find more orbs. But I do enjoy playing it over again. I've only been playing it on and off for about two weeks and I haven't found the brother, but I'd like to find the brother and squash Maggie!

The graphics are really good. It's in a lot of bold and bright colors. The animation is very good. The characters actually move their mouths and it looks like what they say. Each figure is detailed and the backgrounds are just as bold and bright and there are things you can hop on and things to go into. One of my favorite things is the animated monkeys with the swords. The swords actually sound like they are slashing as they hit rocks-or Zapper if he isn't fast enough!

The background music gets annoying if the volume is up high, so you can turn the volume down. The sound effects actually work for the different movements and predicaments. There isn't much conversation but the sounds that the bugs make are silly and they fit.

This is a one-player game, so you'd have to take turns to play with a friend. It is rated E for Everyone so I think that kids from 6 and up would like this game. I usually play for about a half-hour then take a break. But I do want to finish it and retrieve Zapper's brother.

It was a really good game all around. I can't think of anything that could be done better. If I made the game I would like to see it as a two-player game. Maybe add more conversation between Zapper and the other bugs as he goes through the levels. He could stop and talk with some of the characters and perhaps they could give Zapper clues to where the magpie eggs are or how to get past a certain type of bug.

Reviewed by: Josie S. Age 11 - 03/03

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