Zhu Zhu Pets  - Review

Zhu Zhu Pets
Rating: E - Everyone

The game is a spin off from the furry hamster toys that were popular last Christmas. They would coo and purr or go exploring. The game hamsters aren't soft and furry - but they are just as cute. Players start out with one hamster - but as they play they acquire more - Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, Chunk - so many more that you can go dizzy tending to all of their needs. And they do have needs - talk bubbles appear over their heads asking for food, water, exercise, sleep, adventure and going to the toilet (kids love it). The "nurturing" mode is just the beginning. The "adventure" mode has 30 levels and six different worlds, is filled with mazes, tunnels, accelerator ramps, and transporter pads through which you scoot through, collecting gold coins and carrots.

To truly appreciate this game - you have to put it into the hands of a kid. It has been designed expressly for ease of play for young children beginning to make use of the stylus. There is lots of action and little frustration. No reading required. I would say it's gateway game for future DS gaming.

Fun Factor: Plenty
Female Factor: Can't tell
Player Friendly: Easy DS entry game for kids

Reviewed by: Editor - Apr/10

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