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Zoo Vet
Ages: Everyone

For someone who wants to be a vet, or who loves animals -- this is a game to die for. Players assume the role of a new veterinarian at a world-class zoo. With help from zookeepers and vet technicians, players care for 25 animals from various habitats -- tropic, savanna, desert, artic and forest, and they are not just small animals like penguins but large ones like pandas and lions. Care is divided into six segments -- examine, monitor, test, maintain. operate and medicate. Depending upon the level chosen, more or fewer hints are given. You select animals from a map -- those needing help are outlined in blinking yellow. The final Q and A by the kindly head veterinarian will evaluate your performance. This takes the game out of just entertainment and into a learning situation. I put ointment on both feet of the penguin and was faulted for putting medication on a foot that didn't need it. I'm impressed. This game is not available on Amazon.com but you can order it online at: http://store.legacyinteractive.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/05

Zoo Vet is about taking care of animals. You look at a map and see what animals need care. There are different pictures of the animals. They have green around them if they need care. Zoo Vet is also teaching you to take care of animals. You need to use different tools to check different parts. You have tools like a magnifying glass, stethoscope and sometimes even tweezers. You always have the same tools you just use them at different times. You can make the game to be easy, medium or hard. You get to choose your own office and lots of other things; and your own doctor name. You get to take care of lots of interesting animals, some that don't come from this country. Some are cute and some aren't. Some are frightened and some are big and strong. Some are scary and some are sweet. You can visit them anytime.

The game was a little tricky depending on what level you are at. Sometimes you might need help. Some six year olds might get scared because sometimes you have to cut some animals open or cut some parts off. I recommend this game because it was great. I am going to play it over and over again.

If you are going to be a vet, this is perfect for you.

Reviewed by: Lauren B. Age 8

Zoo Vet is about taking care of sick or injured animals. You have vet tools to use for a lot of different things like examining the animals or checking their breathing or temperature. The doctor asks questions like what medicine to use for the sick or injured animals and some of them are hard to answer. You can get trophies for doing a good job taking care of the animals. Some of the animals are really cute like the otter and the flamingo chick. It is a one player game, but in a way it is interesting to watch someone else play. The only reason I don't like Zoo Vet is because it is difficult to answer the questions. I don't really want to play it again. I would recommend it for eight and up.

Reviewed by: Marnie B. Age 8

This game is about curing sick or injured animals, and sometimes just giving them a check up. There is also a memory game and trivia to learn about the animals. In the beginning it asks you what your name is, and what style you want your office to be. In your office on the wall is a map showing all the animals in the zoo and which ones need care. You may visit them any time you like. You can also care for them again and again. There are many different tools for different things: operations, temperatures, shots, blood tests, and more. I think this game was OK, but I kept on trying until I got a bunch of trophies. Most of the time I had to help my little sisters play. I would recommend it for ages nine and up because it is difficult.

Reviewed by: Raina B. Age 10

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