Zoo Tycoon 2  -- Marine Mania - Review

Zoo Tycoon 2 -- Marine Mania
Ages: Everyone

There are 20 different marine animals, including the fun-loving sea otter, the feisty penguin, and the fearsome white shark in the Marine Mania expansion pack of Zoo Tycoon 2. Train the orca and others to perform cool tricks. Then create splashy marine shows that show off your trick-training talents. You can even go for a swim with your animals. Take a dip with a dolphin or latch on to a turtle. Build interesting underwater exhibits that delight your animals, and discover a treasure trove of marine-themed buildings to deck out your zoo. Plunge into new challenges and campaigns that unlock a pirate’s booty of objects and become a zoo tycoon. Requires Win XP or Vista. (will not load on earlier versions of Windows)

Posted by: Editor - 11/06

  • Zoo Tycoon 2 -- Marine Mania
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  • Platform(s): XP
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