Zoo Tycoon 2 -- African Adventure <I>and</I> Zoo Tycoon 2  - Review

Zoo Tycoon 2 -- African Adventure and Zoo Tycoon 2
Ages: Everyone

Zoo Tycoon 2 is a game that has engendered a whole host of devotees. Zoo Tycoon 2 African Adventure is the 2nd expansion pack and it may or may not disappoint. I think for avid players who know the game like the back of their hand and have been zoo managers for the last two years -- it will not be enough. Yes, the new expansion pack offers some new African maps, a new jeep and some additions to the variety of animals, but Zoo Tycoon 2 already had a vast selection of animals.

However, here it feels like the savannahs are endless and you are tempted to make a completely new theme park focusing on the various African environments. This may be sufficient for some.

It is a difficult task to upgrade a wonderful game. So hold onto your Zoo Tycoon 2-- there is bound to be still another expansion pack.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/06

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