To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: Cyber Stories
Date: September 2002

If Benoit can do it why can't you? You guys kept on asking "What is it that women want?" And when we told you: compelling story, character development , gorgeous scenery, great music and good voice acting, no dying, no going back to the beginning - you said that that wasn't a game. Well now, check out Syberia. It's close to a perfect 'game' for women and girls.

It is almost opposite to what guys might like. Too slow, a female character who is a great role model an attractive lawyer with the ability to handle machines, who eventually ditches her controlling boyfriend. The characters develop though the story even the robot companion. There are enough puzzles to keep me engaged, and I guess that would count as gameplay.

The settings are incredibly beautiful, fantastic and often bizarre. The whole game has about it a melancholy and haunting air. The music is powerful and there could have been more of it. And there could have been less of Kate's sounding like Nancy Drew, but that's being picky - as I said, it's close to perfect.

It set me to thinking that it is very much like a book. One that you wander about in the settings, seeing them instead of reading them. Where you become involved with the heroines quest. Like a book, there are satisfactory stopping places. And like a good book, sounds and images remain with you for a long time. The fact that the walkthrough was published even before the game was released adds to my point that this is a cyber story. There was no compulsion to challenge you, or stump you, or to impress you at how clever the game maker is just a desire to make your stay in Syberia as pleasant and satisfying as possible. I want more.