To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: My Holiday Wish List
Date: Dec 2002

I wish that the E rating would go away. "Everyone" is a cop-out. There is a big difference betweenBarbie Secret Agent and Emperor but both of these are rated E. Let's also insist on including the age range. Developers know their target audience and putting E on a kid's game, except in rare instances, only destroys the meaning of that rating.

I want a woman friendly controller. Something soft, no more that five buttons, and operated by a single hand - leaving the other free to pick up my coffee or feed my face. Sitting hunched up with both hand clutching a controller like a senior grasping a wheel is not cool.

More games like Syberia and No One Lives Forever-2. Women friendly games with good characters.

Ear plugs hand out when you register for E3.

A back-lit screen for the Game Boy and let's call it Game Girl.

I wish that someone would start making Geezer Games. Use the engine of say, Pajama Sam but put age appropriate graphics in it. The seniors are on the computer; they say that crossword puzzles are a defense against Alzheimer - so let's hit the senior health market.