To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: E3 Quick Wrap
Date: Jun 2003
Best thing
  • URU - another Myst
Scariest thing
  • The admission made by Doug Lowenstein (IDSA), that the game audience is "graying".
  • Thief 3 (Eidos) - the main character is never allowed to kill anyone and must accomplish his missions through stealth and ingenuity
  • To accommodate the wider audience needed to recoup the high cost of top games Doug Lowenstein said, - It means focusing more on character development and storylines.
Interesting kid games
  • Boktai (Konami) - Sunlight on your GBA weakens the vampires
  • Gregory Horror Show (CAPCOM) - Can collage characters be scary?
  • Bombastic (CAPCOM) - Slickery animated dice - addicting
  • School Tycoon (The Learning Company) - Kids rule - parents and teacher take note.
  • Spy Kids (BVG) on the GBA and PC will use 3D glasses. Save them - they will work with the movie too.
Not your run of the mill games
  • Thief (Eidos) - the main character is never allowed to kill anyone and must accomplish his missions through stealth and ingenuity
  • Psychonauts (Microsoft) - Psychic secret agents - enter mind-worlds to reveal hidden personalities- and maybe insanity.
  • Republic - The Revolution (Eidos) - a primer on how to take over a government using stealth, money lies or force.
  • Black 9 (Majesco) - Who do you serve - the tea drinkers, the eco-terrorists - or one of seven other power groups bent on world domination?
  • Syberia II - Kate and her companion, a polite automaton, continue their journey. Finally - a woman without a gun.
  • URU (Ubisoft) - The new Myst - Create you own world, collect your own library of linking books.) With on-line option - it never has to end.
Never thought it would happen
  • A Barbie game on the Xbox.
Things are a changing
  • Industry veterans recognize that the hardcore gamer no longer makes up the majority of players.
Could be a trend
  • Morality and the consequence of choice - in line with a Matrix/Platonic questioning of what is and what is not.
Depressing observation
  • At E3 it was hard to tell if the demo was the movie or the game - The Matrix, The Hulk, The Italian Connection, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo, Charlie's Angels. Maximizing assets trumps creativity and originality.
Sign of the times
  • Identity Theft Protector (Broderbund); a step by step primer to protect yourself from becoming a victim.
I predict
  • URU, Rand Miller's new Myst sequel will finally give on-line gaming the boost its been waiting for.
  • Cyber Stories - more plot; more character. (see Scariest thing above)
  • Geezer Games - with large print game manuals.