To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: Help
Date: Apr 2004

Why do we need help? Why do we go online for tips and walkthoughs, or buy strategy guides that are the game novel and well worth half the price of the game? Is there a man alive now playing a game who would admit to asking for tips/help? It would destroy their macho macho image. And lets face it -- it is for these men that the games are designed .

The growth of the game help industry follows the growth of the computer game industry. Monopoly never required a strategy guide. Game developers instead of priding themselves on how few solve their game, might consider that game help could be an indication of game design faults. Like when a section of a road has too many accidents, engineers start thinking about redesigning the road. There has to be games for those who love the complexity of a Gladius with many quests, complex strategies, modifiers to strategies, friends and foes with complex skills and weapons with multiple strengths and uses. But there has to be games for some of us who spend our days with complexity and want to go somewhere that is a fun and pleasant playspace. Meanwhile -- I have to go back to my strategy guide.