To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: Golden Oldies
Date: Oct 2004

I've been reviewing games for seven years now. Have seen the growth of consoles and perhaps the end of the PC for games. The games that are selected for this site can be almost anything except violent shooters and war games. Many of them are for kids. All have an eye for appealing to girls. I prefer adventure games, action games with female protagonists, unusual games like the current Hamtaro, games where you can make something or play at life.

As I see new games, there are old ones that I will never forget. They were the high water mark for their genre and to date they have not been surpassed. Companies have disappeared along with them. This industry in it's rush for the ever new release has erased it's history. There are no archives for these games except in the back of some kid's closet. I have a bunch of them and I am saving them for my grand children including the machine to play them on.

Take a look at the Our Favorites page. Was there ever a better kids game than Pajama Sam -- No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside? Cosmopolitan Makeover, provided a way to makeup your face, not Barbie's; Cyber Grannies - 26 great funny roll models. Alphabet -- Play with ABCsand Midnight Play are art pieces. And whatever became of Smarty? And I've named only a few. Some you can still get if you can remember their names, some have just vanished. If the industry doesn't make an archive or create a museum, maybe I will. I'll call it, Recovered Treasures -- The Games We Never Forgot.