To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: Adventure
Date: Apr 2005

The Adventure Company is one of the mainstays of, well, adventure games. Games that let you wander and explore interesting and unusual locations, solve some puzzles and be a part of a dangerous or exotic adventure. You do not shoot people, you do not have an awesome cache of weapons and should you die -- you get another chance to correct your mistake. There is usually, depending upon the game, an active help function. The games from The Adventure Company offer various examples of how to provide help. In Missing, the villain at first disparages your effort, but eventually will provide hints for the solution. In Broken Sword -- The Sleeping Dragon, the key strokes are shown on the screen with the icon for the appropriate action. One press of a key and the hero goes clambering up or down mountain sides, combines tools or performs some necessary action. Minimal frustration and you go along for the ride. In Moment of Silence, you can press the "Help" key and be shown where the exit is in these dark or ornate scenes. The same key will alert you to objects that you may have missed as you leave a scene. And all their games, or almost all have no timed puzzles -- the road block for those who do not aspire to quick thumbs and who will move on to better things when frustration and time mount up. Too easy you might say. Not so. They are making games for the casual gamers -- the next untapped big group out there.