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XIII Century: Blood of Europe

The defender of Western Russian borders Alexander Nevsky had died long ago. Teutonian knights recovered strength after the defeat in the Battle of the Ice and are going back to Northern Russia - to Pskov city. They are craving for easy prey. The new hope of Russian lands is Prince Daumantas of Pskov. Get ready to fight for fame together with him and his troops. The fight that will be worth the memory of Prince Alexander!


  • Advanced graphics, based on cutting-edge technology, developed by Unicorn Games

  • High level of detail and realism — from equipment and heraldry to recreated map topology of real battlefields

  • Multiplayer. Dedicated server for online battles will allow everyone to test leader skills competing with players from all over the world

  • 8 battle mission that shed light on the life and feat of arms of Dovmont, Prince of Pskov, famous leader and ruler in the history of Rus'

  • Renewed gameplay. Fog of war and recon features will bring a new experience to the game

  • Psychological part of the combat system continually calculates battlefield situation and greatly improves realism of unit behavior in combat. Units adequately react to flanking, own wounds and physical state as well as victories and losses of friendly units

  • Big world map, 40 missions of the original game, 170 unit variants, 21 nations, 40 historical battles, 8 campaigns

Title:XIII Century: Blood of Europe
Developer:Unicorn Games
Release Date:Summer 2009
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