The Casual Observer
By: Lou Katz, Technical Editor
Topic: 1C Company Shows Impressive Simulation Titles
Date: Jun 2009

1C Company (One-C), the largest distributor of games produced in Eastern and Central Europe, held a press event at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco on June 25, 2009.

What impressed me the most were the simulation titles, where the simulations were of real military campaigns in World War II or in medieval times, and the great care that was put into these to produce accurate topography, machine operations and characteristice and weapons performance. No power-ups to super-mega-fantastico invincible armor or continent destroying bullets in these simulations. The airplane performances in the 'dogfight' simulation, IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey felt very real. The Russians have a great deal to be proud of in their struggle during World War II, and these simulations give light to that.

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In addition to battle titles, 1C announced a Truck simulator, Rig'n'Roll, which will be out this fall. You can drive any one of a number of real US 18-wheelers on most of the roads in California, picking up and delivering cargo (or you can play as a truck line manager!).

Again, the physics and mechanics felt right on. This simulation, like Majesty 2 -- The Fantasy Kingdom Sim and some of the others can also be run in 3D if you have the right graphics card and computer-controlled glasses. We are planning to review Rig'n'Roll when it becomes available.

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