Secret Agent Barbie - GBA - Box

Secret Agent Barbie - GBA
Ages: Everyone 6+

I thought I had played this one before. Yup! On the PC, this time last year. Well, now you GBA aficionados you too can play Barbie as a secret agent out to recover the Royal jewels. It's best to go through the training so you know how to do the stealth roll, climb, hide, duck and use the gadgets that will aid you in accomplishing your mission. This operation will take you from England to China, Italy and Mexico and will offer you the opportunity to glide, use scuba gear and water skis. Puzzles are used to open doors and gain access to areas. They provide a nice break from the running and jumping.

Editor Review 10/02

  • Secret Agent Barbie - GBA
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  • Game Boy Advance
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