Zoey 101 Field Trip Fiasco - Review

Zoey 101 Field Trip Fiasco
Ages: Everyhone

What's with this Zoey girl? Early this year, I reviewed Zoey 101. It was a poor game, and what was irritating was what emerged as Zoey's character. Her constant run and fetch it, and currying favor with everyone made her out to be a weak wimp, devoid of a sense of adventure. With this new title of Field Trip Fiasco I was expecting some sort of excitement. But do I get it? - noooo. First she has to get permission from various teachers can the field trip proceed now? nooo. Now she has to do some research can we go now? --- noooo. We still have to collect equipment, camera, binoculars, camping equipment, water bottles and by now I am getting the feeling that the field trip is not worth it. Too much time is spent getting ready and not enough on the fun part. I don't know why anyone would think that running around a school, looking for people and things would be fun. Aggravatingly so, when one person sends you to another and that person sends you to still another. What no ideas for a game?

The mini-games are a little better, but not enough to carry the weight of the game. The Touch pad is used as an alternate to moving Zoey, and there is one occasion where it is necessary to blow into the microphone. I don't know if Zoey on Nickelodeon is having fun, but here her life is pretty much a bore. Final note. No game should use "Fiasco" in its title -- it's too tempting to reuse the word.

Fun Factor: Low
Female Factor: Zoey needs more spunk

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/07

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