Nicktoons- Attack of the Toybots  - Review

Nicktoons - Attack of the Toybots - Wii
Ages: Everyone

For the Wii, the game is essentially the same game as for the PS2 Please refer to the review for the PS2. The game is not optimized for the Wii controls there is no motion sensing movement. The Nunchuck control stick moves the players, Z manages throwing and shooting. On the Remote, up on the control pad changes characters, down a punch/kick, A is jump and B is duck. With all the control functions on the Remote, couldn't they have placed all the functions on it?

If you only have the Wii, and want the game then you have no choice. Otherwise, why buy the Wii version if it isn't optimized for the Wii and is $20 more expensive?

Fun Factor: Good story - varied game play.
Female Factor: Where are the girls?
Player Friendly: Too much reliance on jumping - difficult and not enough saves.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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