Barbie Sparkling Ice Show - Box

Barbie Sparkling Ice Show
Ages: 5+

You don't really skate in this one. Barbie skates, and you have three options depending upon the difficulty level. In the easy level you merely have to match the color of the track that Barbie leaves on the ice. In the medium skating style you have to match the color of the ice track and press the spacebar at the exact time that Barbie passes over the center of a snowflake design on the ice to have her perform a trick. For the expert level you have to handle the previous controls plus now you have to keep Barbie centered on the track. Expert style can be quite a bit to handle like patting you head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. When you are successful in accomplishing a routine you can move to a different location. You start in what looks like Central Park in New York. The other locations are: Misty Mountain, Island Paradise, Rose Garden and the Mystery Location. Finally when you have run through all of these you can pick from several routines and watch Barbie skate. This one is for the very young and prepares her to respond quickly to visual clues, readying her for some of the more advanced arcade games.

There are other games that give the player a better experience of skating both done by Olympic skaters - Kristi Yamaguchi Fantasy Ice Skating and Michelle Kwan Figure Skating but they might no longer be available.

Editor Review 10/02

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