Unlike computer-based or console-based games, downloadable, mobile or casual games do not come in boxes and are not sold in stores. Rather, they are either shown as available by using a cellphone to query your service providers "store" for cellphone based gamess, or by accessing the game's web site. This page lists games that you can play on your smartphone, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. To get the game you download it directly to your cellphone or computer.

What makes a game a casual game?

There are many sites for casual games where you can play a game for between a half-hour and an hour free, by downloading it onto your computer. They are relatively small -- around 10 Mb -- so download time is minimal. The clock does not keep running if you pause the game or quit before the time runs out.

The games are un-rated, but I saw no "M" games, and they all -- so far -- are devoid of violence. The age range is truly "Everyone", from kids to seniors. The genre is made up of action games, card games, puzzle games, strategy games and word games. Many are surprising in their inventiveness. If, after you sample, the time is up, and you wish to continue, you can purchase the game on line and keep going - you do not lose your progress. Most of these games are under twenty dollars.

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